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Connector Series ::: Terminal, Housing, Wafer
Image ITEM No. Description File Download
1.5T-1-nA 1.5mm Wafer 11 Pin White color
TU1501HNO-11 1.5mm Pitch Wire to Board connetcor 11 Pin
TU1501TPO-A 1.50 mm Pitch Wire to Board Crimp Terminal
SMID13FL 118 Type Female Housing Blue Color SMID13FL, Automotive connetcor
SMID13FR 118 Type Female Housing Red Color, Automotive Connector SMID13FR
SMID13FOR 118 Type Female Housing Orange Color, Automotive Connector SMID13FOR
SPVA-6350-102P Vertical Header SPVA-6350-102P
STA012F-2302TR 090 Terminal Female Type STA012F-2302TR
STA009F-SDLTR 070 Type Female Terminal STA009F-SDLTR
ST007M-2302TR 090 Terminal Male Type ST007M-2302TR
ST002M-SDLTR 070 Terminal Male Type ST002M-SDLTR
STF-3030T2 Female Crimp Terminal STF-3030T2
SH-2510-04Z-1 Polarizing Housing SH-2510-04Z-1
SHP-3020-04E Dual Row Plug Housing SHP-3020-04E
SHR-3025-104 Dual Row Receptacle Housing SHR-3025-104
SPV-3045-204 Vertical Header SPV-3045-204
ST-4256T2 Crimp Mechanical Terminal ST-4256T2
SHR-9357-204 Receptacle Housing SHR-9357-204
SHR-9358-204E Plug Housing SHR-9358-204E
ST-51T-1202 Crimp Terminals ST-51T-1202
SH-9635-06R Receptacle Housing SH-9635-06R
SPV-9635-206W Vertical Header SPV-9635-206W

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