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Image ITEM No. Description File Download
MUSB-SM10PCB Mini USB 10 Pin Male With PCB Type Connector
MCUSB-S0730B303 Micro USB 5 Pin B Female SMT Type Connector Pin contact: 30u
USB-SA20-CB404PK USB 2.0 Sink Type 4.04mm Connector
USB-SMC-05T660 Micro USB 5P Female B Dip 180D SMT Type Connector
SC-S-CBAD-CMM USB 3.0 C Plug to Micro USB 2.0 B Adapter with LED
MUSB-SM01-B05(NP) Mini USB B 5 Pin Connector Contact-SMT, Shield-SMT
SC-S-Y087-002 USB A Female to Micro USB 5 Pin Male Adapter
USB-S3BLPG0A USB 3.0 B Receptacle Dip 180 degree Type Connector
MCUSB-S2136.24041.3A700 Micro USB 5 Pin B Female SMT Type connector
MCUSB-S05G305 Micro USB 5 Pin Female B SMT Type Connector eK7.15mm(1.0-0.9mm)
MCUSB-S05G269 Micro USB 5 Pin Female B Type Dip 1.35mm (7.15x5.35mm) Connector
MUSB-SM0689-00016 Mini USB connector 10 Pin Male SMT type
MUSB-S2125.14030.4X200 MINI USB 5P Male B Type Connector
MU8USB-S08C1-R9XX Mini USB 8 Pin Female SMT Connector 4 Feet Dip Type 3.85mm
USB-S2126.12010.XX200 Mini USB 5 Pin Female Connector 90 Degree B Type 2B-2D
MCUSB-S05T23 Micro USB 5 Pin Female Connector AB SMT Type
USB-SAF30-006SDR USB A Female 3.0 Side Dip 90X connector USB-SAF30-006SDR
USB-SAFRD04 USB A Female 90 degree Connector USB-SAFRD04
MCUSB-SFM01-BP01 Micro USB B 5 Pin Female Right Angle SMT Type Connector MCUSB-SFM01-BP01
MU8USB-SP02 Mini USB 8 Pin Plug Type Connector MU8USB-SP02
MUSB-SFM08 Mini USB 8 Pin Female connetcor with PCB MUSB-SFM08
MUSB-SFM10B Mini USB connector 10 Pin Female SMT Type MUSB-SFM10B
MUSB-SM01-B05 Mini USB connector B 5 Pin SMT Type MUSB-SM01-B05
USB-SDAF01-BW USB B connector Flat 90 degree Dip Type USB-SDAF01-BW
MUSB-SD01-B05M Mini USB connetcor B 5 Pin Dip Type MUSB-SD01-B05M
USB-SDA03-AF09 USB connector 3.0 A Female Right angle Dip Type 9 Pin USB-SDA03-AF09
USB-SDA03-AB USB connector Triple A Type USB-SDA03-AB
USB-SMA01-AW USB connector A Type Flat 90 degree SMT Type USB-SMA01-AW
MUSB-SM01-B05B Mini connector USB B Type SMT 5 Pin type MUSB-SM01-B05B
USB-SUDA01-AW USB connector A Type Upright 90 degree Dip type USB-SUDA01-AW
USB-SDR01-AB USB connector A Type Reverse Flat 4 Pin Dip type USB-SDR01-AB
USB-SV02-AW USB connector A Type Dual Vertical PCB Board type USB-SV02-AW
USB-SDA01-B02 USB connector B Type Flat 90 degree Dip type USB-SDA01-B02
USB-SMB01-BB USB connector B Type 180X SMT type USB-SMB01-BB
MCUSB-SP01-BN3 Micro USB connector B Type Plug type MCUSB-SP01-BN3
USB-SDA04-AB USB connetcor Quadruple A Flat 90 degree Dip type USB-SDA04-AB
USB-SM01-BW USB connector B Type Flat 4 Pin SMT type USB-SM01-BW

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