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Image ITEM No. Description File Download
JAKR-S013-170327 RJ45 Jack Connector Side Entry Tab Up 100/1000 Base Type with LEDs(Green Orange(Yellow)/ Green), Transformer
JAKR-S045030256-G-Y RJ45 Module Jack Connector 45 degree (8P8C) with/ Shielded and LED(G/Y)Type
JAKR-S00715140501 10.100.1000 Base-T RJ45 JACK Connector WITH LED and Transformer
JAKG-461G11J4RI1 RJ45 ICM(1000Base-T lPort) Jack Connector with LEDs and Transformer JAKG-461G11J4RI1
JAKR-S099S-1x1 RJ45 PCB Jack Connector 1 Port W/ LEDs
JAKR-S3TIX-320-XX 10/100 Base-T RJ45 PCB Jack Connector 8P8C
JAKR-S39xx-009-xx 2xN Stack RJ45 Jack Connector Without LED, Transformer, JAKR-S39xx-009-xx
JAKR-S3Jxx-015-xx 2xN Stack RJ45 Jack Connector With LEDs, Without Transformer, JAKR-S3Jxx-015-xx
JAKM-S3T12-314-02 10/100 Base-T Single Port SMD Type RJ45 Jack Magnetics Connetcor JAKM-S3T12-314-02
JAKM-S30017-LT02 2x1 ports Stack RJ45 Jack connector with Transformer, LED and EMI 10/100BT Type
JAKR-S030-010151 RJ45 8P8C PCB Jack connector side entry SMT Shielded Type
JAKM-S8824-STN01S RJ45 Jack Connector, Shielded, with Transformer N Type, Flat Pin, Side Entry type JAKM-S8824-STN01S

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